• Halberd Bud Vase No. 2
  • Halberd Bud Vase No. 2

    Halberd Bud Vase No. 2

    Price starts at: $795

    Dimensions: 10” Tall x 9” Wide x 6” Deep. Glass tube insert for flowers measures 1" diameter x 4" tall.
    Composition: Stainless steel, UV-printed clear varnish

    Lead time: 2-4 weeks

    Our bud vase is constructed by splicing two 16th-century halberds (axe-like weapons), which we've softened by adding German tapestry patterns from the same era, in the form of UV-printed clear varnish, to the surface of the steel. The halberds belong in The Met’s collection, and are of Swiss or German descent. We've abstracted and neutralized these weapons to make a vase perfect for a small flower arrangement. 

    This lamp is part of our ARTIFACT collection. Each piece in the collection is inspired by a significant historical object from a museum archive.

    Hard objects for the unconventional home.