Each piece in the ARTIFACT collection is inspired by a significant historical object from a museum archive.

For instance, our mirror and lamps use a puzzle-like joinery technique called 'Crown of Thorns', which originated in the late 1800s and is considered the most complex technique used in Tramp Art. Tramp Art was a style of Outsider Art that arose out of the Great Depression in the US when resources were scarce. Artists used pen knives to cut and notch discarded cigar boxes, and laced the pieces together to make frames, boxes, and other domestic objects. We've revived the lost art using steel in place of wood for a gothic take on a folk art tradition. We painstakingly assemble the mirror piece by piece in our studio in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

Browse our studio-made lamps, ceramics, and vases of our ARTIFACT collection—hard objects for the uncommon home.

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