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    Cartoon Bouquet

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    Everlasting dead arrangement featuring sustainably foraged dried plants grown in Connecticut, and two 3D-printed cartoon flowers in chrome bioplastic. Comes wrapped in silkscreened paper plus, optionally, a note from sender. Add a matching Starchaser vase or Dark vase, for the perfect gift.

    Wretched Flowers offers an alternative to the conventional cut flower industry, which sources 80% of its flowers from South America where they're grown with toxic chemicals, and shipped in refrigerated jets and trucks to the US. To avoid adding to this enormous carbon footprint, we forage plants as an act of conservation, targeting invasive species that threaten the native ecosystem, as well as native plants that have already reproduced. Our dead arrangements do not need to be refrigerated or shipped overnight, and will last virtually forever. Each arrangement celebrates the local ecosystem and acknowledges plants for what they are: bug food.

    Additional Information:

    Dimensions: Roughly 18" high x 10" wide
    Materials: Dead plants and 3D-printed bioplastic
    Made in Connecticut, USA

    Note: Bouquet will resemble the bouquet pictured but will differ depending on seasonal availability. Also, like all florists, we cannot guarantee that parts of the bouquet are not toxic to pets or small children if ingested.

    Hard objects for the unconventional home.